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Wedding Invitation Wording Made Easy

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding wording sets the tone and theme for one of the most important times of your life – Your Wedding – and this oh-so-special-day is truly  important to your guests, as well.  This is why it is imperative to follow the rules, especially if the ceremony is formal, so that you can avoid any possible mistakes, or perhaps (unintentionally)  hurt a friend or loved one’s feelings. Informal ceremonies are not as strict. Nevertheless, the important details should still be listed on the invitation.

Wedding Invitation Wording

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Wedding Invitation Wording Most Always Includes The Following:

  • Invitation line. As the name suggests, this section tells the invitation recipient who is inviting them to this most auspicious occasion. The traditional arrangement is for the bride’s parents to foot the bill for the wedding, so they are the ones who usually appear as the ones giving the invitation. The names of the groom’s parents can simply be substituted if instead, they are the ones paying for the event. If both sets of parents are paying for and hosting the wedding, the wedding invitation wording should state the bride’s parents names first, followed by the groom’s parents’ names. It is also possible for the invitation line to bear the names of the couple who will be married, if they are the ones who are hosting their own wedding. For some people, the traditional wedding invitation wording is still followed as a sign of respect for the parents, even if they have not financially supported the event.There are set rules and wording etiquette for most situations that do not follow the above scenarios. In case the host parents are divorced, the wedding invitation wording should ideally show the name of the parent who primarily raised his/her child, or reflect both parents’ names separately. For example, if the mother of the bride has remarried or kept her maiden name, the invitation line would show, Mrs. Mary White and Mr. John Smith, with both names appearing on separate lines. If one of the parents is deceased, it is acceptable to omit the name.
  • Request line. This is the section where the host requests the attendance of the invitation recipient.If you want to follow the formal tradition, using …the honor of your presence…, it is acceptable, regardless of whether you commonly use the British way of spelling it or not (as in Prince William and Kate’s Royal wedding invitation) if the wedding ceremony will be held in a place of worship. However, if you are not going to be married in a church, temple, mosque, or other similar areas, using …the pleasure of your company…, is acceptable. If your wedding is casual, feel free to use informal wedding invitation wording that would reflect the theme of the ceremony.Wedding Wording
  • Bride’s name. The wedding invitation should state the bride’s full maiden name so that the guests will be able to identify who she is.
  • Joining word. “To” is the traditional wedding invitation wording used to indicate the bride’s impending marriage to the groom, although “and” is also accepted.
  • Groom’s name. The groom’s full name should appear on this line. Should he have a title or designation, such as Doctor or has a military rank, the word should be spelled out instead of abbreviated.
  • Date line. This should state when the wedding will be held. The date should be spelled out instead of written in numerical form for formal wedding invitation wording. You can add morning or evening if the time of the ceremony can be mistaken for one or the other.
  • Time line. Similarly, the time should be spelled out instead of appearing in numerical form for formal events. If the ceremony will be held 30 minutes past the hour, it is acceptable to state it as, at half after [hour].
  • Location. Put in the full name of the wedding location. Do not use abbreviations if the wedding is formal. You can also use …at the residence of…, if the wedding is to be held at a friend or family member’s home.
  • Location address. State the full address where the wedding will be held. Again, do not use abbreviations if the event is formal. In cases where the reception will be held in a separate venue to where the ceremony will be conducted (saying your wedding vows), state the address there, as well.
  • Other information. This includes all the other relevant information that you feel the guests ought to know, such as the attire for your wedding, color theme, and such. Try to keep from being too verbose in this section with your wedding invitation wording as it might distract the invitation recipients from paying attention to the more important sections.

If you plan to make your wedding an informal event, you have greater freedom to be more creative in your casual wedding invitation wording. However, using inappropriate language is still unacceptable under any circumstances.

You can check Wedding Paper Divas, Tiny Prints., and Papyrus Notes for your wedding paper needs. These have a variety of designs and materials that will fit just about any creative wedding theme. If you want a hassle-free system for your wedding gifts, you can sign up at Crate & Barrel for your wedding registry and indicate this on your invitation.

BTW, when the time comes to offer your thank yous, take a look at our wedding thank you card wording page for inspiration and ideas.

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Wedding wording need not be a cause of headaches (and maybe even heartaches, if you unintentionally hurt someone by using the wrong choice of words). As long as you follow these rules and etiquette, you should have minimum concerns regarding your wedding invitations. Just make sure you get someone else to run through the text of your wedding invitation wording first, before you get it printed out, to make certain there are no errors.

The best to you!
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